Earlier Faculty News

From November 2016

Dr. José G. Centeno (Communication Sciences and Disorders, centenoj@stjohns.edu) published an invited first-authored article,“Customizing Treatment for Bilingual Speakers with Aphasia,” in The ASHA Leader (October 2016); gave an invited presentation titled “Aphasia Assessment Principles for Bilingual Speakers: The Impact of the Acquisitional-Socioeducational Interaction” as part of the panel “Contemporary Approaches to the Assessment and Intervention of Bilingual Speakers with Aphasia” (November 2016), organized by the Cultural and Linguistic Issues Committee of the 2016 ASHA Convention for the ASHA Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Jody B. Cutler (Arts & Designs, cutlerj@stjohns.edu) reviewed the Spring 2016 exhibition, “A New Republic: Kehinde Wiley at the Brooklyn Museum,” in NKA: Journal of Contemporary African Art (November 2016); and published the article, The Feminist Burn of Willie Cole’s Iron Art,” in the International Review of African American Art (2016).

Dr. Maura C. Flannery (Computer Science, Mathematics and Science, flannerm@stjohns.edu) presented a paper, “Preserving Plants and Information: Changing Criteria,” at the annual meeting of the History of Science Society in Atlanta (November 2016).

Dr. Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan (Economics and Finance, gevorkya@stjohns.edu) and coauthor published an article, “Assessing Recent Determinants of Borrowing Costs in Sub-Saharan Africa,” in Review of Development Economics (November 2016).

Dr. Sandra E. Reznik (Pharmaceutical Sciences, rezniks@stjohns.edu) Dr. Vladimir Poltoratsky (Pharmaceutical Sciences, poltorav@stjohns.edu), Dr. Ivana Vancurova (Biological Sciences, Vancuroi@stjohns.edu) and Dr. Charles R. Ashby (retired, cnsratdoc@optonline.net) published an experimental paper entitled “N,N-Dimethylacetamide Significantly Attenuates LPS- and TNFα-Induced Proinflammatory Responses Via Inhibition of the Nuclear Factor Kappa B Pathway” in Molecular Medicine.

From October 2016

Dr. John Conry (Clinical Health Professions, conryj@stjohns.edu) selected as an honoree at RotaCare’s “Champion for Families” third annual fundraiser (November, 2016); published with co-authors an article: “Public health and the CAPE 2013 educational outcomes: inclusion, pedagogical considerations and assessment.” 55 p. http://www.aacp.org/resources/education/CAPE/pages/default.aspx

Dr. Christopher Denny (Theology and Religious Studies, dennyc@stjohns.edu) presented a paper, “Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Discernment of Spirits in Romantic Literature,” at the annual meeting of the Eric Voegelin Society in Philadelphia (September 2016).

Dr. Gladys El-Chaar (Clinical Health Professions, elchaarg@stjohns.edu) published a paper with co-authors: “Should gentamicin trough levels be routinely obtained in term Neonates?” Journal of Perinatology (2016).

Professor Pamela Gregory-Fernandez (Clinical Health Professions, greagoryp@stjohns.edu) invited to serve as Chair of the NYSSPA Presidential Charity Committee.

Dr. Maura C. Flannery (Computer Science, Mathematics and Science, flannerm@stjohns.edu) presented a paper, “Studying Art to Learn about Science,” at the National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists in New York City (October 2016).

Prof. Lisa Hochstein (Clinical Health Professions, hochstel@stjohns.edu) received the Mary B. Cooper Service Award from ASCLS-NY (the New York Chapter of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science); presented a session on “Legionella: A re-emerging Pathogen” at the ASCLS-NY Spring Seminar (June 2016).

Dr. Samantha Jellinek-Cohen (Clinical Health Professions, jellines@stjohns.edu) with co-authors, a book chapter: “The Emergency Department Pharmacist,” in: O’Donell J.T., O’Donnell J.J. eds. O’Donnell’s Drug Injury. 4th ed. Tucson, AZ. Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.: 2016

Dr. Tina Kanmaz (Clinical Health Professions, kanmazt@stjohns.edu) appointed to serve on the Board of Governors for the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA); published article with co-authors: “Pharmacy Student Learning During Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences in Relation to the CAPE 2013 Outcomes,” American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2016; 80 (7) Article 127.

Dr. Maria Mantione (Clinical Health Professions, mantionm@stjohns.edu) appointed to Chair of the NY State Board of Pharmacy effective September 20 for a one-year term and to the NABP Task Force on the Pharmacist Interactive Communication Skills Examination.

Dr. Khusbu Patel (Clinical Health Professions, patelk1@stjohns.edu) gave a platform presentation, “Interprofessional education in an outpatient clinic,” at the Medical Education Subway Summit at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (June, 2016).

Sandra E. Reznik, M.D., Ph.D. (rezniks@stjohns.edu) together with Charles R. Ashby, Jr., Ph.D. (cnsratdoc@optonline.net, retired) published a Perpectives article in International Journal of Infectious Diseases entitled “Cannabidiol: a potential treatment for clinical sequelae in Ebola survivors?”; also co-authored a paper entitled “Amnion as a Surrogate Tissue Reporter of the Effects of Maternal Preeclampsia on the Fetus” in Clinical Epigenetics.

Dr. Hira Shafeeq (Clinical Health Professions, shafeeqh@stjohns.edu) published a book chapter, with co-authors: “Perioperative Management: Transplant and Neurosurgery, in: Boucher BA, Haas CE, eds. Critical Care Self-Assessment Program, 2016 Book 3. Pain and Sedation/ Support and Prevention. Lenexa, KS: American College of Clinical Pharmacy, 2016: 175 – 93.

From September 2016

Dr. Irene J. Dabrowski (Sociology & Anthropology), dabrowsi@stjohns.edu presented a paper, “Work and Leadership in the Post-Modern Organization:  The Futurizing of Max Weber’s Classical View of Bureaucracy” at the 42nd annual conference roundtable of the East Coast Colleges Social Science Association in Herndon, VA (April 2016);  presented a poster “The Health Hazards of Brownfields:  The Mapping of Toxic Waste Sites on Staten Island, NY” at the 2016 SENCER Summer Institute in Chicago, IL (July-August 2016).

Dr. Christopher Denny (Theology and Religious Studies, dennyc@stjohns.edu) published an article, “Trinitarian Theology between Religious Walls in the Writings of Raimon Panikkar,” in the journal *Open Theology* (May 2016).

Dr. Maura C. Flannery (Computer Science, Mathematics and Science, flannerm@stjohns.edu) presented a paper, “Humphry Marshall and the Pennsylvania Botanical Circle,” at the annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America in Savannah (August 2016).

Dr. Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan  (Economics and Finance, gevorkya@stjohns.edu) published a co-edited book, Financial Deepening and Post-Crisis Development in Emerging Markets: Current Perils and Future Markets (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

Dr. Richard Stalter (Biological Sciences, stalterr@stjohns.edu), published “The Invasive Vascular Flora of Sidewalk Plots, Brooklyn and Queens, New York”, The Northeastern Plant, Pest, and Soils Conference 1:133-134. (2016).


From May 2016

Joyce Boland-DeVito, Esq. (Administration and Economics, bolandj@stjohns.edu) published an article,    “How to Get the Most Out of Your Fulbright Grant!,”  in the Irish Fulbright online quarterly  newsletter (April 2016).

Dr. Maura C. Flannery (Computer Science, Mathematics and Science, flannerm@stjohns.edu) presented a paper, “The Eye and the Mind . . . and the Hand: Making Sense of Plants,” at the annual meeting of the Renaissance Society in Boston (March 2016).

Dr. Carmine Gibaldi (Administration & Economics, gibaldic@stjohns.edu) received a Fulbright Senior Specialist Award and gave a presentation on “Organizational Behavior in a Cultural and Multicultural context” at the University of Bologna; met with top administration at the University to consult on leadership issues (May 2016).

Dr. Richard Stalter (Biological Sciences, stalterr@stjohns.edu) presented the paper, “A Preliminary Study of a Second Growth Forest, Caledon State Park, Virginia,” at the South Carolina Academy of Science at Converse College, Rock Hill South Carolina (April 2016); published an article, “Changes in the Vascular Plant Diversity of the Monomoy Islands Massachusetts,” in Rhodora(April 2016); co-authored the article, “The Vascular Flora of Corson’s Woods, Staten Island, NY” in BIOS (May 2016); his abstract, “The Invasive Vascular Flora of Sidewalk Plots, Brooklyn and Queens, New York,” was published in the proceedings of the Northeastern Plant, Pest add Soils Conference (2016).

Dr. Ann C. Wintergerst (Languages & Literatures, winterga@stjohns.edu), co-authored a book, Crossing Cultures in the Language Classroom, 2nd ed., published by the University of Michigan Press (Spring 2016); gave two presentations: “Using Critical Incidents in Writing Class” at International TESOL’s Annual Convention and Exposition, Baltimore, MD (April 2016), and “Engaging Research-based Activities for Teaching Culture,” at New York State TESOL’s Annual Conference, White Plains, NY (November 2015); published an online article, “Engaging ELLs in Culture Activities in the Classroom” in Idiom (Fall 2015).