Tomorrow’s Professor Will Help You to Prepare for Next Semester

Tomorrows-Professor eNewlsetter sends postings twice weekly, usually on Monday and Thursday mornings. The eNewsletter fosters a diverse, world-wide teaching and learning community among its over 60,000 subscribers in over 100 countries around the world.  It is a wonderful way to keep current on issues of teaching and learning.  Particularly as you plan for next semester, you might want to look at some recent posts:

The Silent Professor — deals with what one prof discovered about teaching when he lost his voice.

Is Balance a Myth? — is about how to maintain your sanity, if not your balance, as you navigate all the challenges of being a faculty member.

Giving Feedback — deals with reviewing others’ manuscripts, but also gives some hints that might be helpful in responding to student work.

Working in Groups and Facilitating Discussions — takes a look at two perennial problem areas for many faculty.

A Dozen Things You Need to Know about Adult Learning — gives some interesting perspectives on why age diversity in the classroom is challenging and rewarding for both students and faculty.