Four Domains of Learning

One of the challenges facing faculty at St. John’s, as at most higher education institutions today, is how to deal with the diversity of learners in our classrooms.  One approach that has recently gained is attention is to do look at learning as made up of four domains, or skill sets.  Dorothy A. Osterholt and Sophie Lampard Dennis of Landmark College, who developed this model, are not so much looking at what students learn but at what students bring, and need to bring, to the process of learning.  They describe the four domains as Motivation, Social/Emotional, Self-Regulation, and Academic Skills.  If each of these domains is nurtured, then the student is more likely to be an able and confident learner.  There is nothing really revolutionary in this approach, clearly outlined by the pair in a chart and presentation, but if you study this diagram, it will make you think about your teaching differently, more holistically.